Emeritus Status

A culminating “promotion” for a transitioning faculty member is to attain the rank of “emeritus faculty” upon retirement.

Georgia Tech faculty who wish to maintain their access to libraries, laboratory facilities, electronic communications, and other such resources may apply to be considered for emeritus status. A policy established by the Georgia Board of Regents allows for an institution’s president, at his or her discretion, to confer the title of emeritus/a on any retired faculty member who at the time of retirement has ten or more years of honorable and distinguished service in the University System of Georgia.

Since emeritus/a is an honorific title signifying distinguished service, Georgia Tech has Institute-specific requirements that faculty must satisfy to be awarded emeritus status at the Institute. Consistent with Board of Regents policy, the president may recommend that a faculty member be granted emeritus status upon retirement. The president’s recommendation will be based, in part, upon the recommendation of the unit in which the faculty member has served.

The following procedure is normally used to develop recommendations:

• Faculty members seeking the “emeritus” title must submit a written request to the head of their department or unit prior to their planned retirement date. They may also be nominated for emeritus status by a colleague within the same unit, with the consent of the nominee.


• If the unit has a designated Faculty Advisory Committee, the unit head will forward the request, along with a detailed vita of the faculty member, to that committee. The unit’s Faculty Advisory Committee will then submit a written recommendation (either positive or negative) to the unit head.


• The unit head will then prepare and forward a written recommendation (either positive or negative), along with the Faculty Advisory Committee’s recommendation (if applicable) and the faculty member’s vita, to the president for final action.


• The unit recommendation should be conveyed to the president and the candidate no later than three months after the request date.