Leaving a legacy for the next generation …

At Georgia Tech, some of the ACE-Sloan award funds are being used to give retired tenure track faculty the opportunity to establish faculty legacy projects in the areas of their choosing. Projects can involve teaching, research, global engagement and/or administration. One of the main requirements was that the project must have some long lasting (and ideally sustainable) outcome and impact that could benefit future students. The competition for legacy projects was open to all tenured retirees and those considering retirement within the six months of the solicitation announcement.

The following projects were selected.

  • Jerry Pulman, conducting research on endangered plant species with undergraduates
  • Jim Craig, developing teaching technology applications for automated lecture capture in undergraduate structural mechanics course
  • Andy Griffin, studying what leads ‘auxetic’ materials to expand when stretched
  • Jim Meindl, developing ‘teachable moments’ outreach kits with GT graduate students                                                                                                                     http://www.ien.gatech.edu/news/new-legacy-project-georgia-tech-pairs-k-12-grade-students-graduate-student-researchers-create
  • Thomas Debo, working on developing a stormwater management plan for the campus
  • Dick Schork, developing mathematical models that can explain self-replicating molecules like RNA
  • Jim Gole, studying the energetics of electron transfer on semiconductor interfaces